The 4 Stages of Vibrators - A Sexperts Guide

I believe that it’s crossed all of our minds - How can I make sexual exploration more fun and pleasurable either by myself or with my partner? It may be that your old reliable vibrator isn’t pushing your buttons anymore, the missionary position needs more of a “buzz” or this could be your first time using a sex toy in the bedroom. No matter what stage you are at, it can be really tricky to decide which toy to buy and where to start!

You may be surprised to know that 43% of women suffer from sexual dysfunctions (or in our language, you struggle to orgasm). It’s not always because you or your lover isn’t doing the deed right to reach orgasm, it’s simply because nearly all women need clitoral stimulation to be able to climax. 

I’m going to cover different types of vibrators and offer you our “sexpert” advice to gently guide you to the one that’s going to be a perfect fit - Just for you.

Beginners: The Bullet Vibrator

If you’re a first timer, we think that a bullet vibrator is a great starting point. You don’t want to go in all guns blazing with a strong vibrator that’s going to be too intense, so we recommend dipping your toes in first! 

The bullet vibrator focuses on clitoral stimulation but there are no rules here! Explore to your heart's content.

Small bullet vibrators are really easy to use with just one button that controls the different speeds and motions (we promise, you don't need a manual for this one). Most bullet vibrators take 1 x AAA battery and are really quiet making alone time really discreet. To top it off, you’re not splashing out the cash with the worry that you won’t enjoy it.

Intermediate: The Wand Vibrator

wand vibrator sex toy purple

This is where it becomes a toe-curling experience! Wands (also known as Hitachi wands) are a firm favourite by both men and women for its incredibly powerful vibrations.

I’ve had women rightly questioning “that’s quite a bulky sex toy, is it necessary?” Believe me ladies, yes it absolutely is! It’s argued that the wand is one of the strongest sex toys on the market when it comes to vibrations. It covers a much larger area, so buckle your seats ladies because this one will blow your mind.

Wands give you the opportunity to change the strength of the vibrations and there are options on the market for them to be plug-in and cordless. They are both just as powerful as each-other, it’s merely your preference! 

Wands do tend to be a bit louder than your bullet vibrators, but there are wands on the market that boast being quiet if you’re wanting to be discreet and private with your solo play. It doesn’t have to stop at solo play however, wands are great for the man or woman in your life too. A little bit of teasing never hurt anybody, right?

Advanced: The rampant rabbit

happy bunny rabbit

If you’re looking to take it to the next level and explore toys that you insert but also get clitoral stimulation, the rampant rabbit is going to be your new best friend in reaching a really intense orgasm!

Pretty in appearance, Rampant rabbits vibrate both inside and outside, for double the trouble. The vibrations are at the rabbits head/ears for your clitoris, while the tip of the toy vibrates your G spot inside. 

A tip I like to offer women interested in purchasing a rabbit vibrator is to figure out the depth of their g-spot. Believe it or not, this spot is only 2-3” inside a woman, which means you will want the tip of the head to massage this spot. It can be so frustrating when you buy a toy that only vibrates inside and it doesn’t quite reach “the spot”, which is why the Rampant rabbit is brilliant with external clitoral buzz-bliss to give you the helping hand that you need.

Expert: The Clitoral Suction Toy

Satisfyer pro 2 sex Toy

I cannot stress enough that clitoral suction toys have fast become a woman's best friend in the bedroom, and it’s no surprise why. It’s a firm favourite in my collection!

Clitoral suction toys don’t vibrate like a traditional toy does; instead they use air pressure to create a gentle throbbing and sucking sensation without the actual sucking of the skin. You can control the intensity of the suction using one button and they are waterproof, wireless, quiet and rechargeable. Happy days!

Clitoral suction toys increase circulation stimulating arousal and result in the most intense of orgasms there is because it feels like you’re receiving oral sex. Cosmopolitan can back me up here! In their words, “OMFG in a nutshell”.

Some women can find that traditional vibrators leave you with that numbing, fuzzy feeling down below, but with clitoral suction toys, you don’t get those unwanted after-effects. 

So if you’ve got an itch to feel like you’re receiving oral sex then a clitoral suction toy is going to tick that box for you.